Case Study

We support our clients all the way, and create custom-fit solutions for all their narrow targets.

Case Study 1

Client Requirement

Engineers in Automotive sector both Male and Female, across following industries:

  • Automotive

  • OEM's

  • Auto manufacturers

  • Car dealership

  • Auto repair shops

  • Design studios

  • Auto parts Manufacturers

Our Approach

The region we were dealing here was US. Being our strongest and most reliable panel base, we were able to target the exact audience.

We accomplished

The project was in field for 3 days and our team provided all the desired completes. Providing client with all the key points and features which were considered by the audience before deciding.

Case Study 2

Client Requirement

Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement. They were looking for Detectives, Investigators, or anyone involved in the gathering, storing and managing of digital evidence (including email, social media etc.).

Our Approach

Being a typical target, our team had set up some inquisitive screening questions to get to the exact profiles. It helped us reach the experts in the area.

We accomplished

Client could capture all the soft and emotional attributes critical to the specifications and was able to conclude the research successfully.

Case Study 3

Client Requirement

This was another very distinctive target to get through, Hospital Pharmacy Directors.

Our Approach

With our agile methods, we soft launched the study and reviewed if we were getting the desired responses and reached the target audience. In the second phase the survey was launched with complete quotas.

We accomplished

The decision makers seemed to be partially aware of the brand. The suppliers were able to create awareness and appeal the decision makers. Clients declared their campaign successful.

Listing few more cases, where the team outshined:

Lawncare business owners/operators in the US

Snow Mobile Owners in France and Australia

Marketers at financial institutions